What We Do

Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until you die.  ~Paul Simon

Groove School offers a range of music workshops that allow access to the basics of music technology and DJ skills. Regardless of age, ability or background, our study packages present the opportunity to gain skills and confidence in handling the building blocks of modern music technology, giving participants the satisfaction of creating a tangible end product, be it a loop, file or entire performance. Our classes range from one-hour tasters to complete programmes. And we can tailor our provision to your specific requirements whatever they may be. Whether you’re a school, community centre, or a blue-chip commercial organisation, Groove School will deliver a unique and memorable experience that leads to measurable results.

The Grooveschool programme has been designed to be flexible. Becoming more detailed as the amount of sessions increase. However the essence remains that participants learn how to compile a DJ set to include their own works, be it sounds, a loop or tracks.

“At Grooveschool we currently have a situation that lets us incorporate DJing, Beatmaking and Lyric/Songwriting into single or group projects. Our finished projects our left for us to decide how to present them. For example on the radio or when we get to perform in front of our friends and family. There are opportunities to play at live events and on radio shows as well as learning skills outside of the current national curriculum. Each young person has the opportunity to help shape Grooveschool, negotiating content within the program, there is emphasis on participants becoming tutors during sessions.”

There is ongoing self assessment, peer observation, teaching observations and evaluations. Incorporating various learning styles and methods with an unwritten policy of age and social environment gaps being bridged, evident in practice.